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Surround yourself with people that push you to do and be better. No drama or negativity. Just higher goals and higher motivation. Good times and positive energy. No jealousy or hate. Simply bringing out the absolute best in each other

#tbt @TheComedyStore backstage main showroom after #robinwilliams got done annhilating the crowd like only he could! Me and Marty “Noodles” Levenstein back when the doormen had to wear tuxedos on the weekends. #standupcomedy #comedian #legend #thestories

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9pm Original Room @bobbyleelive @ErikGriffin @HarlandWilliams @domirrera @BretErnst @markellislive @TonyHinchcliffe @SteveSimeone @JimmyShubert @momandel @ejkerrigan @EarlSkakel @JMScomedy @Punkiejohnson & @DarrenCarter til 2! Use code "16" for $5 tickets:

Her parents should counter-sue because she turned out ugly on the inside! #beautyiswhatinside Needless to say but, this poor girl couldn't get fu$@ed if she cooked in a logging camp naked! This is a job for @WarrenDurso #nogratitude #thoseareyourparents

California woman sues her parents because she is ugly

Hollywood, CA | A Californian woman is suing her own parents for 2 million dollars because she blames her parents for her "ugly genes". Annabelle Jef...


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A veteran of stage and screen, Jimmy is one of the rare triple threats in today’s comedy scene. “I like to entertain people in any form under any circumstances,” he says. “Whether it’s in a sold-out three thousand seat theater, or in the middle of a war zone in Afghanistan, “my mission is to make ‘em laugh as hard as I can.”

He has produced three albums of his material and his own concert performance DVD, which showcase his “hilarious” take on the world at large.Jimmy’s comedy routine is usually performed with an observational point of view, in comedic short-story form, and typically focuses on poking fun at pop culture.